Kinnarps 8000

Kinnarps 8000


One of our most comfortable and popular chairs, these Kinnarps 8000 executive task chairs are a great example of quality second user office furniture.

We are able to supply these in bulk, should you have a large team. This is a chair we especially recommend for situations such as hot-desking and space sharing owing to its wide adjustability and so is comfortable for a broad range of body types and sizes.

Kinnarps explain this model’s key feature:

The 8000 has a Synchron tilt, where the relationship between the seat and the back is well synchronised for a smooth tilting movement. The 8000 offers many adjustment possibilities and great freedom of choice for composing a personal chair.

Over two million Kinnarps 6000/8000 series chairs have found their way to satisfied users. One reason for this success is the combination of timeless design, good ergonomics, numerous adjustment possibilities and great freedom to adapt to personal taste.

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