More than comfort

For most employers, office furniture is a necessary but unexciting part of managing a business. You have a team, they need somewhere to sit and something to put their computer on. Get that box ticked and move on to the next decision.

Here's something any boss can get excited about though: several studies have shown that your people will actually get more done given a more ergonomic chair and the knowledge of how to set it just right for their bodies. How much more? Well, a lot more. Recent research put the productivity boost due to a quality chair and a demonstration of how to adjust it at an enormous 17% on average.

Yes, you could be benefiting from a whole day a week of extra productivity from your employees for the sake of upgrading their seating.

Now already we can hear objections. Furniture is complicated. What do you choose? Surely good chairs are too expensive? We're here to quash those worries.

At LAM Office, we take the stress out of adjustable tension and the pain out of lumbar.

With a huge range of office seating from brands such as Vitra, Herman Miller, OrangeBox and many more, we can advise on the best seating for different bodies and different working environments. With our exceptionally low priced refurbished and second user furniture, you can slash costs as you treat your team to a more comfortable setup. With our family team’s years of experience supplying small and large businesses alike with everything their office could need, you know you’re in safe hands.